This is my “girl stuff” blog.   Here, anything goes.

Before I turned 40 I thought I would never get out of my 30’s.  What made me ever believe that is beyond me, must have been some strong drink.

I will post on things that are good for you and help you stay looking and feeling great:  Healthy foods that make your skin glow, tips to whiten your teeth, tricks to make you appear “un-stoned” etc. (However, I do not know how to fake it through a drug test, sorry.)

I will also rant and rave in between the Helpful Hint Sections of this blog just because my therapist said it will keep me from going postal someday which is a good thing.

All rants and raves and suggestions are totally welcome here.  You can read and comment if you like, or comment if you don’t like, or like Silent Bob, stay silent. 

I am not one of the health guru types that doesn’t have any bad habits and expects you not to either. I have PLENTY of bad habits and I am proud of each and every one of them.

Furthermore, I will never tell you to stop drinking or smoking because many of us do so;  including moi.  We know it’s not good for us but neither is today’s economy.

Sometimes you will be treated to samples of my new favorite internet hobby – captioning copywritten images I have stolen from the web and used to my own maginations. Other times I will appear to be reflective and almost “deep”.  Have no fear, it is just one of my personalities, Margaret, who shows up from time to time.   She bores me but she’s family.

There – that was my disclaimer – please feel free to leave me whatever.

Lisa L.

Who Says I'm Smoking Tobacco?

Who Says I'm Smoking Tobacco?


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